Frequently Asked Questions

What is tapforest

To learn what tapforest is, Click here.

What is a Tap?

A tap is an image, video, GIF or sound clip added to a collection on tapforest. A tap can be added from a website using the tap button on a website or using our tap bookmarklet for your browser. Each tap links back to the site it came from so you can see more about the content of interest.

How do I install the "Tap" button?

Drag our Tap button on to your browser’s bookmark bar. If your browser isn't displaying the bookmark bar, click "View" and turn it on. If you own a website and want to install the Tap button on your site for increased traffic and a better sharing experience for your users, click here.

What is a collection?

A collection is a set of taps. A collection can be named anything but must be assigned a topic from the tapforest list.

What is following?

“Following” someone means you'll see that person’s activity in your feed on tapforest. If you have chosen to follow a person or brand, then you’ll see all their collections. If (s)he creates a new collection, you’ll automatically follow the new collections, as well.

You can follow individual collections if you're only interested in seeing taps being added to specific collections.

You can unfollow people, brands or collections at any time; they will not be notified.

How to tap with the bookmarklet

Use the bookmarklet to tap as you browse the web. When you see an image you want to tp, click the Tap button on your browser. This will pull up all the images you can tap from the page.

Select the image you want to tap, choose which collection the image belongs in, type a description, and add some tags to help users search for it.

You can choose to share the tap to Facebook.

When you're done, click Tap!

What is the difference between ‘liking’ and tapping?

Liking a tap adds the image to your profile’s Likes section; the image does not get added to one of your collections.

Tapping an image allows you to categorize the image into one of your collections. The source link of an image is saved automatically, no matter how many times it’s re-tapped.

How to add a price to a tap

To add a price to a tap, type a currency symbol like $ or £ followed by the number amount in the description. When you are finished, click Tap.

Does tapforest have restrictions on content?

We do not allow pornographic, hateful, or content that actively promotes self-harm on tapforest.

Our nudity policy applies to photographic images, GIFs and videos. It does not apply to illustrations, paintings, sculptures, etc. We do not allow nude photographic images that contain exposed nipples, genitalia, and/or fully exposed buttocks.

Hateful content includes content that attacks a group or individual and/or contains hateful language.

Content that actively creates a risk of mental, emotional, or physical harm to yourself, others, or any animal is also not allowed on tapforest.

We reserve the right to remove this content at our discretion.

For more details on our policies, you can also see our full Terms of Service here:

To report activity in violation of our policy, click here

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